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Painting the interior of your house can be a simple weekend project for some, and a considerable undertaking for others. Whether it is the inability to get an even coat on cramped areas of your wash-room, or the size of the project overall, everyone can succumb and begin to feel overwhelmed at times. We are here as experienced Ottawa house painters to provide some basic, and usually overlooked tips when it comes to painting your property that if applied correctly will hopefully de-frustrate you so you can get your job done on time. 


Avoid the lure of cheap supplies


What attracts many people to painting their own projects is the idea that all they need is $25 worth of rollers and brushes, and any cheap water based paint. While an experienced painter can definitely get the job done with these materials, it most certainly will end up costing you more time in the end. Made of cheap materials, and notorious for coming in packs of ten for as little as a dollar, they do an awesome job of leaving residue and particulate behind. Of course you don’t know this and paint over resulting in confusion, frustration, and more time spent applying additional coats.


Can it take it?


What many people overlook, is the ability for paint to take to a surface in an even manner. You want a clean, smooth surface ideally, so wipe down the area with a warm cloth and let it dry. Then place a strip of your trusty duct tape over an area, press down and rip off. If visible paint flakes dislodge from the surface, it is highly recommended you bite the bullet, and put some time into sanding and scraping the surface down so it’s smooth. This will save you frustration in the long term, as the paint will ‘take’ to the walls easier and stay for years longer. Woohoo!


Prime your brush


A final tip on clean up, is to dip your brush or roller in whatever cleaning agent you plan to use before you begin your project. This keeps the bristles moist and paint will stay on your brush longer. It also makes cleanup, which is every Ottawa house painters favourite part, much easier!


Prime your surface too!


While it can be tempting to just blast the tunes and start throwing paint on the wall, another way to ensure a clean, first coat is to make sure you are painting a clean surface. Wipe the entire area down with a warm cloth, getting all the dust and particulate off. Fill any holes with putty and sand them down. Do this before you start and it will drastically reduce the chances you’ll have brush streak marks and other frustrations after your first run.



While there are clearly tons of little tips and techniques you can use to make your painting project easier (aside from hiring an Ottawa painting contractor) these provide an excellent starting point for amateur painters. If you need more information check out your local home improvement store or even related blogs for some great interior design and panting ideas.